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  • Primary and music school in Fernitz

    Fernitz, Austria

    A primary school in the country. A place with its own identity. A meeting point for children, young people and public life.

    Four buildings are grouped around a courtyard with several activity zones. Children and adults meet one another as if they were in a village square. Birches complete the picture. The new part of the school is an independent structure. Volume, shape and external design set a striking accent in the country.

    The entrance from the north is to be either traffic-calmed or a pedestrian zone. The main entrance for school buses or private vehicles as well as the opening of the areas which can be functionally shut off for external users is from the south. Parent counselling has been accommodated within the ensemble in a separate building.

    Netto floor space: approx. 1.900 m²
    Cubature: approx. 8.500 m³

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