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    Shopdesign for the regional product area of the Heinemann duty free shop at the airport Graz-Thalerhof
    Competition 1 . price / completion
    Client: Gebrüder Heinemann, Hamburg
    Airport Graz Thalerhof, Austria

    There are few regions whose identity is as strongly linked to its products as Styria. Wine, pumpkin seed oil, undulating hills and small farms form the original unity of land, inhabitants and their products. These products can either be bought directly from the farm where they are produced or at the farmers’ market. The goods are stored in, transported in and sold out of the same fruit crates. STEIERMARKt interprets this simple form of product presentation in a refined form and new context. STEIERMARKt offers airport travelers the opportunity of buying genuine products just as directly as at a farmer’s market.

    STEIERMARKt was the winning project in an acclaimed architectural competition in cooperation with the Graz University of Technology. Six new architecture offices were invited to develop the competition submissions together with a team of students. The students were then involved in the implementation of the project and were able to gather valuable practical experience.


    Project team

    Alexander Gebetsroither
    Dietmar Reinbacher
    Leo Habsburg
    Walter Radl

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