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    Open competition Р2nd prize
    Graz, Austria

    Urban development
    The transformation of the Grazer West from a large industrial zone to the urban development area close to the city center, with an emphasis on housing, is already gradually emerging as a new dimension of the urban structure. Characteristic for the building development is a high-altitude development, which is based on existing residential buildings interspersed between the former industrial and commercial buildings, and construction sites, the extent of which still comes from the use of the industry. Essential factors for the emergence of a coherent living area are a coherent, overgrowth of the green area, with a thorough road network and a careful setting of the buildings which ensures an equivalent overall living quality. At the same time, the impairments caused by the still existing commercial enterprises and traffic must be taken into account in particular.

    Four 7-storey and 6-storey angular-shaped buildings respect the dimensions of the neighboring residential and commercial buildings and are resulting in south-oriented and two-sided E-W-oriented apartments. Together with the neighboring buildings, they enclose spacious open areas, which are connected to the surrounding area and which also offer a permeable path ( “green net”). To the north and to the noise sources, these buildings provide flat facades with incised loggias, and to the quiet interior areas they offer moving facades with cantilevered balconies.

    Tom Biela
    Asima Maglic
    Patrick Ernst

    Architectural model : Patrick Klammer

    HoG Architektur ZT GmbH
    Stainzergasse 2, A 8010 Graz

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