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    Open competition
    St.Veit, Austria

    The Village
    The interaction of topography, view and sun, development and the form of ownership, not the right angle, determine the grouping of buildings. The volumes of the individual houses together with the landscape form the common habitat. You know each other, greet each other, help if necessary – a life in community without loss of personal identity. Public and private are merged into one another and are managed and designed in common knowledge. Independence and consideration are the sensibly balanced equilibrium.

    The Situation
    A place that is new but not alien to familiar images, creates a new community. The common place of the generations connects the houses devoted to the different contents, accompanies the popular promenade and offers a wide view into the landscape. The individual building volumes correspond to traditional typologies but are given an independent materiality and detailing in the realization.

    Home(land) for Seniors
    The program of the retirement home is spread over two similar, interlinked buildings. The residential landscapes of the individual units form the connecting center, from there lead to wide rooms, which invite to the meeting, with daylight to the rooms. On each floor, a shared common terrace complements the individual balconies. Public contacts take place mainly on the ground floor. The covered front area offers dry and shady seating areas in summer. A corridor will lead to the house for assisted living and the common public forecourt.

    Free Space
    Only gently modeled, the surrounding landscape flows through the construction site. The position of the buildings creates assigned spaces, the design of which corresponds to the respective function. Only the Platz der Generationen as a meeting point and venue for events forms a clear platform to which the differently trained places dock. View is here the determining element.

    Access and parking blend into the landscape. Along the Landesstraße, 15 parking spaces are arranged, the driveway leading to the north with the entrance to the garage which is not visible from the street, and leads to the forecourt of Senior home and supervised living. The other necessary parking spaces for visitors and staff are arranged here.

    Ena Kukic

    Architectural model: Hagen Zurl

    HoG Architektur ZT GmbH
    Stainzergasse 2, A 8010 Graz

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