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    single-staged, EU-wide competition – honorable mention
    St. Magdalen, Villach, ÖsterreichAustria


    Gross floor area: ca 4.560 m²
    Plot area: ca 24.110 m²
    Constructed area: ca. 2.930 m²

    The basic idea is based on the principle of a circuit board, which is equipped with predefined plug-in locations as required. In a similar way, the building blocks developed for the technology park form different modules from their specific functions on an exactly defined, approximately square construction site. According to the imaginary order-principle of the campus, in the course of the progressive development, the necessary building modules are installed in the system. The defined route network spreads wider with the number of modules and connects them as required.

    Each construction section is based on the same inner order of four building blocks, which group around a free surface. This is how courtyards develop, which differ in shape and extent from one another. They have a recreation, communication and development functions and are distinguished by their gardening design. If necessary, they can be closed.

    The roofs, which can be seen from the neighboring buildings and the motorway, form the fifth facade of the campus. From the combination of gardening modules such as roof gardens, terraces, green areas, and the necessary technical elements, e.g. for the utilization of the solar energy, a common memorable roof landscape is created.

    TB Köstenbauer&Sixl GmbH
    Landscape design: Gabriele Kiefer, Berlin
    Architectural model: Patrick Klammer


    Alex Gebetsroither
    Robert Schmid

    HoG Architektur ZT GmbH
    Stainzergasse 2, A 8010 Graz

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