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    Competition by invitation
    Temporary Festival Centre of Styrian Autumn in 2008
    Joanneum, Graz, Österreich

    Avoiding misfortune or maximizing good fortune? (motto Steirischer Herbst)

    order or disorder? -which is the right order? You decide it.

    The installation of a level platform, which connects all the areas of the Styrian Autumn Festival Centre in a barrier-free manner, at a height of 1m.  As a playable area, this level permeates the rooms of the historic building and, as a raised platform, also occupies its forecourt thus occupying public space. White stripes on the surface mark a new system – an abstract grid which breaks up the Baroque symmetry.

    If the effect lighting of the vaults is turned off, lines of bulbs cross the room at right angles to the stripes.
    The stripes on the floor continue on the furniture, for an initial moment the system is perfect. As soon as the place becomes alive and the mobile furniture is rearranged the rigid order is broken up.

    The grid takes on its real function – as a measuring instrument of chaos and of change.

    © HoG architektur

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