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  • Bergkäserei Grän

    Dairy/ Manufactory
    Grän in Tirol, Austria
    Design and realization 2011-2014


    Storage for 43 tons of mountain cheese

    The same applies to mountain cheese as to cognac: the longer it ripened under good conditions, the more valuable it is.

    Bergkäserei Biedermann in the Tyrolean high region Tannheimer Valley has been producing and selling mountain cheese for over 40 years as a quality product. The expansion of the building which would accomodate production and business space was necessary to meet the growing demand for matured cheese.

    Apart from the architectural requirements, building an annex without a pseudo-alpine trumpery is a task that demands the organizational and the high hygienic and climatic operational skills, as well as the construction management during operation. It is also a technical challenge to build a pile foundation on a former bottom oft he lake.

    A wood skeleton clad with larch formwork dokcs directly to the existing building and integrates an existing loading area. The current room envelope is covered with glassboard sandwich panels, the installations are open and, like all other fixtures and appliances, are resistant to lactic acid.

    Manufactory expansion
    Gross floor area: ca. 350 m²
    Photo Copyrights: HoG

    HoG Architektur ZT GmbH
    Stainzergasse 2, A 8010 Graz

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