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  • Andreas Hofer Platz

    Invited competition
    Graz, Austria

    Two buildings enclose an elongated, public / semi-public pedestrian zone, which is surrounded with shops, restaurants, offices and apartments.

    The new Andreas-Hofer-Platz is built on the northern part of the future development area as a partly covered public space, where paths cross and various urban functions (shops, café, evening bar) are developed on several levels. The traditional connection to the Mur (formerly Fischplatz) for the Andreas Hoferplatz determines the milieu.

    Buildings that have been located behind the construction line are opening up from the west to the edge of the historic old town and the access through the Albrechtgasse.

    The 6-storey hotel along the street closes the broken street area of the Neutorgasse, but preserves the characteristic view of the Stadtwerkehaus.

    The high building along the quay benefits from the favorable free location on the river Mur and is in company with the currently extraneously insulated office building No. 17.

    The two buildings, varying in height and typology, continue the block-edge concept of the surrounding area, but the new courtyard, on the other hand, is open and freely accessible.


    Nina Kuess
    Lisa Garnez
    Lukas Negenborn
    Robert Clerici

    Architectural modelling : Patrick Klammer

    © HoG architektur

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