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    Expansion of the Franciscan monastery attic
    Graz, Austria


    Franciscan monastery and Franciscan church together form a complex that corresponds to the area of the main square in the “World Cultural Heritage Center of Graz”. In order to secure the economic basis in the long term, the functional areas were also reorganized in the course of a total renovation in order to offer new or non-required areas as rental space for the internal monastery business.

    The top floor of the southern wing offered a space reserve of approx. 450 m², which should be provided with natural light by the installation of a new lift, enabling the usage for offices. Strict conditions of the Preservation of old town of Graz laws, in regard to the windows, form and the structure of the roof thereby determine the possibilities within the project.

    The spacious interior of the elongated attic area, rhythmic by dormers and roof truss space is also noticeable. An installation of exactly one meter in height goes through the entire attic length, forming office, communication, work and recreation areas. All necessary fixtures such as the entrances to the galleries, the still existing fireplaces, exhaust air ducts, kitchenettes, servers and storage rooms are housed in this furniture. The wall heating, supplied by the special energy system of the monastery, is switched to cooling in the summer.


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