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    Park-and-Ride garage
    invited competition 4th prize
    Graz, Austria



    Park & Hide preserves the balance of the green outskirts and uses the topography.

    The flat parking area is partially embedded in the building site, the roof folds horizontally out of the slope of the meadow and is fully planted with greenery.

    Looking from the top of the hill, landscape and building flow into each other.

    On the other hand, the road shows a striking appearance, where the building has the largest room height.

    The embankments formed in the north and west form natural boundaries and visual barrier while maintaining natural ventilation.

    A construction system with supports on strip foundations and a light roof can be extended step by step from a few parking lots up to full building without disturbing the operation.

    Park & Hide hides detached cars with minimal technical effort.

    Unused volume does not have to be built.

    Netto floor area: approx. 8.500 m²

    HoG Architektur ZT GmbH
    Stainzergasse 2, A 8010 Graz

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