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  • Boulder, Residential house in Techelsberg on Lake Wörthersee

    Concept design of residential house
    Techelsberg on Lake Wörthersee, Austria







    The one-storey atrium building is located on a ridge and is elevated in such a way that the side of the building with the entrance remains at ground-floor level and the side of the building with the view rises above the terrain in line with the landscape. The interior atrium remains at the level of the living areas. There is a viewing terrace below the living room on a natural site. Ramps connect the various levels. The living rooms are ordered according to their functional context around the atrium and the guest area can be opened and run independently. The garage is close to the street, a covered path to the house is possible.


    Brutto floor area: approx. 660 m²
    Netto floor space: approx. 556 m²
    Visualization: Erscheinungsbild


    HoG Architektur ZT GmbH
    Stainzergasse 2, A 8010 Graz

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