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    EU-wide, open urban development competition
    Housing, commercial, office, school, subterranean garage
    Vienna, Austria

    Continuity and change – the new district should create a striking contrast to the atmosphere within the dense block-like structure of the surrounding buildings dating from the late 19th century without radically breaking up their spatial consistency. Out of streets which are jammed with motor traffic green, car-free urban exercise and leisure areas will develop. Apartments can be built next to them without any loss of quality. The pattern of block perimeter development typical in this part of the city and dating from the late 19th century will be picked up but undergoes a complete reversal in its quality as a public urban space. The area borders on important interfaces with large numbers of pedestrians (e.g. Columbusplatz, Favoritenstrasse pedestrian zone) and the new district is structurally and functionally connected to the urban focal points in the existing city structure. The typical pattern of the blocks and their qualities as basic spatial and social elements undergoes a far reaching metamorphosis and adaptation to contemporary standards in the new environment. The goals are open corners, apartments which extend from the back of the building right through to the front with a consistently high indoor environmental quality, even if they are near public areas, trouble-free development, fair access to free spaces and homogenous social infrastructure facilities. The open spaces within the open blocks are private and semi-public areas which can be used either individually or by different participants depending on the type of housing.

    Brutto area: ca. 89.400 m²
    Netto area: ca. 59.170 m²
    Gross floor area: ca. 247.000 m²

    HoG Architektur ZT GmbH
    Stainzergasse 2, A 8010 Graz

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