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  • Stattegg town square

    Invited competition – winner
    Public space
    Stattegg, Austria

    Cirque de Stattegg

    Unknown causes caution. The principle of meeting areas is based on this basic psychological predisposition. Looking around, looking for contacts and assessing reactions cause mutual consideration and respect and make equal juxtaposition possible. Therefore, we want to create an atmosphere on the square for the passing driver, which differs particularly clearly from its view of the linear roadway. At a short distance, he loses his usual track and has to adapt his behavior, which focuses him on the pursuit of A to B, to unfamiliar circumstances. To create this surprise effect, it is necessary to contrast the characteristic features of the road with the unexpected. At the same time, the road layout is essentially preserved, but with the change of material to concrete, it loses its dominance in the area of the square.

    As a contrast to the linear stringency of the street, we choose the circular form as the primary design element. The large ring forms – comparable to an imaginary circus dome – the center of the square. Suspended from 8 slender steel pillars, it gives the square its own identity. In the dark, punctiform light sources create a starry sky effect and provide a central illumination of the place. The market hall in the form of a circular roof is intended as a meeting place and lounge especially for young people. Free-standing seating and individual market tables are the mobile furniture. The closed segment serves as a lockable storage room for valuable infrastructure. Movable elements can be retrieved as windbreak or placed behind the storage room. The roof is supported by two steel beams which stand on the storage volume and two slender columns, with steel cassettes bolted together in between. The green pergola resembles a traditional pavilion and offers a shady seating area bordered by climbing plants in summer. Vertically tensioned steel cables condense horizontally into a net and form the trellis wall and roof. The semicircular seating is made of solid, resin-free birch wood.

    Ena Kukić

    Architectural model: Dimo Zelyazkov

    HoG Architektur ZT GmbH
    Stainzergasse 2, A 8010 Graz

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